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Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth's star-studded 'Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga' screening at Cannes: photos

The cast of "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga" hit the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, southern France, on May 15, 2024.

Meet the Pete Townshend-approved breakout star of 'The Who's Tommy' on Broadway

“He hasn’t needed a lecture about what makes a star, and what can cause a star to fall. He just gets it.”

Robert Downey Jr. responds to Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars joke about his drug use

Iron Man wasn’t too bent out of shape over Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars cracks.

Toby Keith's kids brought to tears as he's honored at CMT Awards

The “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” singer, who died in February at age 62, was honored in a series of heartfelt tributes during Sunday night's broadcast.

Meryl Streep and Cher turn back time mirroring outfits from 'Silkwood' premiere 40 years ago

We can't "Believe" how amazing they look.

Beyoncé reveals Stevie Wonder played harmonica on 'Jolene' cover as she wins at iHeartRadio Music Awards

At the iHeartRadio Music Awards Monday night, the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer gushed over the 25-time Grammy winner who presented her with the Innovator award.

Comedian Kevin Hart to receive the coveted Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

WASHINGTON (AP) — Kevin Hart, who rose from the open mics and comedy clubs of his native Philadelphia to become one of the country's most recognizable performers, will receive the Mark Twain...

The Jewish Oscar winner who twisted the Holocaust to shame Israel deserves all the fury he gets

I was at the Oscars when director Jonathan Glazer made his speech after winning a little bald man for his Holocaust film, "The Zone of Interest" — and I was...

Over 450 Jewish Hollywood creatives denounce Jonathan Glazer's 'Zone of Interest' Oscars speech in open letter

"We refute our Jewishness being hijacked for the purpose of drawing a moral equivalence between a Nazi regime that sought to exterminate a race of people, and an Israeli nation...

'Zone of Interest' producer 'fundamentally disagrees' with director Jonathan Glazer's Oscars speech

In the speech, Glazer, 58 drew parallels between Nazi Germany and the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Lily Gladstone breaks her silence after Emma Stone's Best Actress Oscar upset

She may not have won Best Actress ... but she did win Most Loved.

Jimmy Kimmel's wife Molly McNearney urged him not to name-drop Trump at Oscars: 'Not proud'

"I feel like my instincts are usually right, but I was totally off on that." — Molly McNearney

'Past Lives' star Teo Yoo wore turtle pin at Oscars for late pet: 'In tears' for days

Teo Yoo, who starred in the Best Picture nominee "Past Lives," revealed that he wore a turtle pin to the 2024 Oscars on Sunday in memory of his pet tortoise...

'Terrified' ABC execs were 'sweating' over John Cena's naked Oscars skit — demanded bigger envelope

"There were meetings and site meetings, emails and texts and phone calls and people sweating. Somebody was crying." -- Jimmy Kimmel on ABC's reaction to John Cena's "nude" appearance at the 2024...

Angela Bassett 'gobsmacked' Jamie Lee Curtis won Oscar over her: 'Supreme disappointment'

Angela Bassett might have “done the thing,” but Jamie Lee Curtis … won the thing.

Al Pacino addresses 'offensive and hurtful' Oscars 2024 Best Picture blunder

The “Scarface” actor appeared during Sunday’s star-studded ceremony to present the top honor, went about his presenting duties in an unconventional manner.

Which of Oscars stars may or may not have used Ozempic to cut weight for Hollywood's biggest night

An expert shares his insight on whether Ozempic won big at the Oscars.

Jennifer Lawrence says falling twice at the Oscars was 'awful': Looked like I 'faked' it

Jennifer Lawrence memorably tripped on her way up the stage steps to accept her first Oscar for "Silver Linings Playbook" in 2013.

Eva Mendes pleads with Ryan Gosling to 'come home' after Oscars 2024 Kenfest

“You took Ken all the way to the Oscars, RG. Now come home, we need to put the kids to bed," Eva Mendes wrote to Ryan Gosling in an Instagram...