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Virginia truck driver wins unbelievable jackpot from scratch-off ticket: 'I really didn't believe it!'

The lottery-winning Virginia man said he 'really didn't believe it' when he saw he won.

Miraculous new cancer treatment gives New Jersey mom a chance for second baby

Kelly Spill was just 28 when she received her stage 3 diagnosis: ‘I knew deep down it was cancer’

The crazy ways humans are trying to control the weather

Following the Dubai floods last month, new scrutiny is being given to weather-manipulation techniques.

I used to weigh 400 pounds — then I quit drinking, lost half my body weight and won my first triathlon

“I used to hate pictures. Now I take a lot of photos. I wasn’t used to seeing the new me."

NASA plans high-tech railway system on the moon as astronauts prepare for 2028 mission

Sounds like utter lunar-cy. As the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) readies to return astronauts to the moon and convert the space rock into an orbital outpost, plans are apparently...

I'm 65 and sexier than ever— people mistake me and my granddaughter for sisters

"People of all ages can change their body, health, and it really only takes an hour a day," Lesley Maxwell, 65, declared. "You can be sexy at any age."

Miss Hawaii crowned Miss USA after Noelia Voigt's shocking resignation 'over bullying allegations': 'Honor of a lifetime'

Savannah Gankiewicz, 28, was originally crowned runner-up at the Miss USA pageant last October.

TikTok star Kimberley Nix announces her own death in heartbreaking farewell video

"Hello followers, if you're seeing this message I have passed away peacefully," the late social media star announced in the heartbreaking clip that was released posthumously.

NYC's hottest comedy show — with a 20,000-person waitlist — is in an iconic sports store

This athletics shop is giving New York City nightclubs a run for their money. 

'Lord of the Rings' and 'Titanic' star dead at 79

Reflecting on his work in the second and third of the fantasy trilogy, Hill said, “I loved every minute of every day that I was on Lord of the Rings.”

Teen chef whips up duck confit for fancy NYC benefit dinner for kids with cancer: 'Proud to be helping'

Upper East Side high schooler Joshua Small, 14, served as the executive chef of his "Youth to Youth" charity dinner at East Harlem's Tastings NYC restaurant Saturday, April 27. The...

Starbucks barista breaks down after customer leaves sweet note, huge tip: ‘You deserve it’

This woman's brew-tiful gesture has TikTok in tears.

I'm on a mission to visit every NYC museum: Here are the most unique and underrated — and the biggest hidden gem

"I think living in New York City is such a privilege of having access to so much history and culture, that not taking advantage of it, kind of feels like...

'Cheeseball Man' draws massive NYC crowd to watch him eat entire jumbo jar

Hundreds of astounded onlookers gathered in Manhattan's Union Square Park on Saturday to watch an anonymous 22-year-old man in an orange mask devour an entire jar of cheese balls.

I'm a hand model in NYC — I'm earning $30K a year just holding things on camera

New York beauty Alexandra Berrocal is as hardworking as any other model in the Big Apple — except that a day on the job doesn’t require much heavy lifting for the...

Peeing on plants is the gardening world’s hot new trend — but there’s a catch

Urine for a real shock. Gardeners are pouring pee onto their plants, saying human urine contains nutrients that make flora thrive. However, simply unzipping your pants and watering your plants...