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The insane amount of money millionaires spend on vacation revealed, according to travel experts

"Each journey is more than a trip; it is a testament to the power of luxury to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary," LaDell Carter, founder and lead travel designer...

Survey reveals the difference between a trip and a vacation

While a “trip” is travel for a purpose, such as an event (32%) or simply getting out of their hometown (30%).

I went through airport security — and I was shocked what the X-ray found inside my head

The self-proclaimed "plastic surgery fanatic" has dropped over $250,000 on various cosmetic procedures.

Memorial Day holiday travel may near record with 44M hitting the road: AAA

“We haven’t seen Memorial Day Weekend travel numbers like these in almost 20 years,” said a AAA rep. “Travel times are expected to be up to 90% longer than normal,"...

Major airlines sue Biden administration over 'junk fees' crackdown

Airlines for America, along with American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines, filed suit.

Disgusted travelers film couple amid 'sex act' on British Airways flight — in full view of child passengers

“When they got told to put their seat belts on, it was very obvious that he was zipping himself back up and putting everything back in."

US tipping culture keeps invading other countries — this is the latest victim

One by one, nations are falling -- to dreaded "tipflation."

Inside Costa Rica's 'cave of death' which kills all that enters

Take a deep breath before trekking here. Deep in the volcanic mountains of Costa Rica hides a deadly, yet small opening of the Earth that engulfs and kills just about...

Plane passenger climbs into overhead bin and takes a nap — and she's not the first

A Southwest Airlines passenger flummoxed fellow flyers after she was filmed napping in the plane's overhead bin, as seen in a video with 5.1 million views on TikTok.

Airbnb addresses customers' fee concerns, complaints about cost compared to hotels

The company was started in 2008, advertising itself with its original tagline as "a cheap, affordable alternative to a hotel."  

Shady Southwest passengers are abusing the preboarding process — and fellow flyers are furious

Unscrupulous passengers are said to be increasingly taking advantage of the Dallas-based airline's generosity toward travelers who "need a little extra time" when boarding.

Passengers' most — and least —favorite airlines revealed amid surge in air travel

Some airlines are really taking off with customers -- and others should be grounded, flyers say.

OnlyFans star gets comeuppance after mocking 'weakling' male flight attendant who couldn't lift her bag

"There are limp noodles around here," scoffed Colombian model-athlete Tatiana Girardi.

Spirit Airlines CEO calls airline industry a 'rigged game,' US consumers are 'long-term losers'

Spirit Airlines CEO Ted Christie spoke candidly about the airline industry, likening it to a rigged game and saying U.S. consumers are "the long-term losers."