Events can be submitted as either free entries (BASIC) - or - paid listings (STANDARD or FEATURED).

All free submissions will be reviewed by our editors first. To maintain the high quality of events listed on Bustler, we are extremely selective with the submissions we accept as free listings.

To ensure your event gets added to our calendar right away, please consider submitting it as a paid listing via the STANDARD or FEATURED option.

Want to advertise your event with dedicated news posts and/or social media blasts? Our comprehensive ad campaigns bring your event in front of Bustler's huge, global audience. Contact us to learn more about campaign options and rates.

Basic Standard Featured
Event listing on Bustler
Edit listing anytime online
Place your advertising banner prominently throughout the site1
Select days to advertise your listing2
Listing goes live immediately - no editorial review required
Add images to your listing
Add video to your listing
Display event as promoted in Bustler's Daily email newsletter3
Display event as promoted in Bustler's popular Weekly email newsletter4
Includes 30 days of advertising (a $150 discount over the Standard option!)5
One-time fee per listing:

1 Listing banners will appear throughout the site in four prominent locations (Bustler homepage; Events landing page; Event list; Event listing and News article dividers).

2 Easily add an advertising banner to your listing which will be prominently displayed throughout the site. You can select the exact days that your banner will be up and conveniently pay for the number of days you selected.

3 On selected banner advertising days.

4 Included in each weekly newsletter from the time of posting until the listing expires.

5 Need your banner up more than 30 days? No problem! Simply select the desired number of days and pay per selected days.

frequently asked questions

Where will my event banner be displayed?

Event banners will be displayed on the homepage, in the sidebar of all subsequent event pages, on the events landing page, in dedicated dividers between articles and event listings, as well as in the Daily newsletter. The Featured option also gets your banner up in Bustler's popular Weekly newsletter from the time of posting until the listing expires.

Can I purchase more advertising (additional days) if my original banner campaign has ended?

Yes, you can extend your campaign at any time after an original purchase is made.

Can I change the days of my banner campaign once it is confirmed?

Banners that have already delivered cannot be adjusted. Remaining days of a campaign can be moved to different calendar days. Additional advertising can be purchased to extend or renew a banner campaign at any time before the listing expires.

Can my banner click directly to my event website?

Banners will always click to the Bustler listing first, and then users will find a link to your site in the listing.

Is there a character or word limit with my listing?

No, your listing can be any length.

Can I embed images and videos in my listing?

Yes, images and videos can be embedded into paid listings. Basic listings allow text only.

What type of videos can be embedded?

Any YouTube or Vimeo video can be directly embedded.

What are your banner specs?

Banners must be 300 x 250 px (or ideally 600 x 500 px for extra crispness on modern high-resolution screens) in JPG, PNG or GIF format. Animated GIFs are fine but please no more than three cycles/loops in animations and 60 seconds max. The maximum file size for all ads is 85Kb.