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'Selfish' moms slammed for refusing to celebrate grandmas on Mother's Day: 'Your time has passed'

Some outspoken moms say they're not so keen on sharing their special day.

Gen Alpha kids express shock over gay people 'coming out' in viral video: ‘What the heck!?’

The post racked up 2.1 million views — and nearly 8,000 comments.

We're 'anti-Mother's Day' moms — we love our kids, but we deserve a vacay to do whatever we please this Sunday

“I took a long shower, watched whatever I wanted on TV, ordered room service, scrolled through social media in peace, treated myself to a fancy dinner and caught a Broadway...

How parental burnout can harm children — and 8 ways to build a better bond

57% of parents reported burnout in an online survey of 722 caregivers that Ohio State University conducted last summer.

Florida mom gets married while in labor — then gives birth hours later

A Florida mother put the "contract" in "contractions" — and it was a labor of love.

5 ways women can lower their stroke risk — including one to do before going outside

Stroke is the fifth-leading cause of death for American women.

My ex named his newborn after me — I don't think his wife realizes

"My ex had a baby…. just found out he’s named her the same name as me."

Mom's parenting hack to get baby to sit in airplane seat gets trolled — is it real?

This lesson really stuck. Minnesota mother Lisa Flom was ripped online after seemingly demonstrating how to get her toddler to sit still on an airplane with Velcro -- but all...

School hopes to reverse Gen Z's bad habits with 12-hour days: 'Complete tragedy of our youth'

Gen Z has a lot to learn. “They don’t want to turn up, they want to go home, they want to be by themselves, they want to be on their...

I'm a super strict mom — my rules are extreme but I'm preparing my kids for real life

"My daughter tied a knot on her rucksack that was really hard to untie, so I made her untie it standing outside in the rain so she wouldn't do it...

Did 'Bluey's mom smoke weed? Kids show creators address fan theories on Chilli's sordid past

By now you would’ve heard all about the theory that Chilli and Bandit are members of an underground crime ring thanks to their occupations - believe it or not. 

My husband said he wants to divorce because I breastfed my son: 'Now they've been in another man's mouth'

A husband has texted his wife that he wants to end their marriage - and it's for the most extraordinary reason.

I'm a psychologist — this is what it means if you mix up your kids' names

Is there any shame if you misname?

I'm a millennial boss — after firing half my staff, I finally found the key to success

"I always thought if I have a team, I want everyone to enjoy coming into work," explained Maddy Birdcage, 34.

The case for giving your kids mental health days from school

When it comes to physical health, most parents and carers have a good handle on when their young person is okay to go to school and when they are not.

Why two-thirds of parents feel lonely and isolated by demands of parenthood: study

The survey of American moms and dads, conducted by The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centre, found 66 percent experience isolation and loneliness from the demands of parenthood.

How moms are using the color of their SUV to see if they're a 'hot mess express'

A trend is growing on social media, defining what kind of mom you are, depending on whether you drive a black or white SUV.

My husband won't watch our baby unless he's ‘mentally prepared’

“I think it’s a little crappy for him to refuse me to leave the house even though I’m in need of a little alone time too because I literally feel...

I live by the 9-minute theory for parenting: These are the times of day when kids need you the most

Kids today are growing up in a New York minute.